Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magic moments

© BIDavis
At last Spring appears to be here. The sun is shining. The first buds are appearing on the trees and I'm already thinking about new opportunities. Just been contacted by the New World Festival ( to run more workshops this summer on Angels, cartooning and creativity The next festival will be held in August at New Malvern in Birmingham, and tends to draw several hundred amazing new age teachers, artists, therapists, friends and family. Last year threequarters of my family turned up ... always loads to do, from bodywork in the early morning, to chanting and gongs with my old friend Tim Wheater and dance and tantra workshops in the evening. Not to mention sitting around the campfire till the early hours, musing, meditating, drumming and chatting with new and old friends. Also they plan to do a One World Festival in Italy this year, which sounds appealing.

Still thrashing around the net trying to learn about internet marketing for my little cartoon angels book 'Angel Delights' ( . Getting lots of advice and feedback. Make sure you get a copy before they all run out!