Friday, June 6, 2008

Common folk


Here's Oscar ... he seemed to drop out of the earlier blog ... but I guess that's what he's done from normal life also in order to make the lives of a lot of people with major challenges, like orphans and troubled youths, a lot better.

Be specific


I was sitting on a little pier on Redondo Beach, LA, California, having coffee and pancakes at a little cafe called Polly's when this Angel cartoon came to mind. Had an extraordinary discussion with a guy called Leo, who runs several businesses while sunning himself here and having breakfast every day on the pier. He truly seems to love what he does and does what he loves ...

I also met Oscar (above) in a bar neareby. He's a former gang member who now does fantastic work with orphans in Mexico and has also worked on a battered women's retreat. Amazing fellow. I spent most of the week at Book Expo America trying to hunt out a literary agent for my book Angel Delights. There were lots of distractions with book signings by just about every big author you could name (and a lot you couldn't) including Jackie Collins, Neil Gaiman and the wonderful Louise Hay. Had a fantastic time and at the eleventh hour I was actually taken on by Eckhart Tolle's agent ... feels a bit like winning the Lottery!
Here again these wonderful little angels seemed to guide me to the right place, at the right time in the City Of Angels. Bless 'em. I truly hope they have the same luck for you.