Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keep Smiling

The other day I was sitting in London's Victoria Station doing a bit of smile spotting.

It's amazing how quickly a smile radiates through a crowd. Try it for yourself ... it's the siimplest way to change the world!!!

Next stop LA!

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Who's dream

©BIDavis http://www.myangeladay.com/

Keep smiling

©BIDavis http://www.myangeladay.com/

Hi. This was Victoria Station, London, UK, at 9.00am the other day, just before the start of the Festival of Mind Body and Spirit. Smile spotting is a great game ... and you quickly see a circle of smiles radiating from any happy person in the crowd. It's amazing ... try it for yourself. Smiles really make a difference. It couldn't be more simple to change the world!

Now I'm off to LA ... and will try to keep the cartoons flowing daily .. though I've drawn hundreds over the last few days... OK here's another .... little bit rough ... but I was sitting in a lovely Thai restaurant in Crouch End, north London where the food was simply fabulous and the decor really serene. I happened to ask the manager if she was living her dream as everything was so perfect ... and surprisingly she replied 'NO' ... which made me think ...